3D animation -creation and applications

3D animation is the process of digitally generating images that resemble the motion of objects in a three-dimensional environment.3D animators use professional software such as Maya, Blender, Zbrush, Cinema 4D, etc. to create a stunning animation video.

No wonder, animation was first applied in the entertainment field, Specifically in films to engage the audience. Have you ever heard about john Whitney? Indeed, he is known as the father of computer animation. During the 1950s, John Whitney innovated mechanical animation techniques to form a motion picture and created title sequences for television and commercials.

Today, the application of 3D animation video widely diverges in every field. Let’s unwrap some crucial sectors where 3D animation plays a vital role and how it benefits a particular zone.

1. Medical Animation

Have you ever wondered about the role of 3D animation in the medical industry? Indeed, animation becomes essential in the healthcare industry since it simplifies the complexities in a clear visual. It aids the surgeons to practice the new surgical procedures or techniques.3D medical animation is extensively used in surgical training and education.

Moreover, it is an effective self-learning tool for novices, by viewing the step-by-step procedure in a spectacular virtual environment. Also, 3d medical animation is used as a potential communication tool as it bridges the gap between patient and physician. Since it picturizes the complex scientific concepts in a short demonstration video, people without a medical background can easily understand the objectives of the video.

Furthermore,3d medical animation is a powerful marketing tool for medical companies or sales representatives. Drug mechanism of action animation explains the mechanism of drugs and their effects after entering into the human body. Pharmaceutical companies make use of drug mechanisms of action animation to advertise their new vaccines launched in the market. Medical sales representatives manifested that 3D medical animation increases the sales as well as production of any medical devices or medicines.

Hope you got why 3D animation is vitally important in the healthcare sector.

2. 3D industry animation

3D industry animation aids in orientation programs and training to the employees about the hazard and precaution measures related to the work. It also helps the staff to protect them from the emergency situation by educating and training in a demo video.

3D Explainer video demonstrates the inner parts, the exact model of machines, and types of equipment to working assistants about how to operate, connect, and optimize when a fault exists. It also provides Standard operating procedure training to personnel to achieve quality, efficiency, and consistency of performance.

3D industry animation is used as a safety guide as it offers Health, Safety, Environment( HSE) training to manpower in the industry. workmen can easily grab the operating procedures and enhance their working efficiency. Ultimately, it contributes to the development of the industry.

3.Architecture and Design

3D animation or modeling plays a key role in architecture and design.3D animation allows the users to walk through the virtual house which evokes a realistic feel of a real home. Also, it aids the architects to spot any errors in the design.

 Well, it’s a known fact that 3D Modeling is a potential marketing tool for architects as it visualizes the dream house of a client in detail. It shows an interior and exterior design in a magnificent three-dimensional model of a proposed construction project. As it conveys the architect’s idea in an eye-catching animation walk-through video, clients confirm the design within one sitting. Eventually, it increases the conversion as well as develops the architecture field.

4.Animation ads

 Have you ever wondered about the commercial ads of Vodafone, a telecommunication company? It fascinated everyone. Indeed, animation ads are widely used by many companies to grabs the attention of the audience. To build the brand, some companies utilize animation logos to engage people with a product or service.

Today, there is a drastically growing demand for the application of motion graphics animation in commercial ads. Many marketers revealed that 3d animated commercial ads are an indispensable tool for advertising the new products launched in the market.

3D animated commercial ads explain the benefits of the product in an iconic visual video. It also spread awareness about the product as well as engages the people more effectively.

If you’re interested in creating 3D Animation for your brand or company, we are here to assist and drive you forward to achieve your goal.

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