Who can I hire to make a 3D animation Video for my project?

Animation movies: The word may sound simple and childish but the behind the task we need to be worked on are humongous. A complete 3D animation movie of 2 hrs duration would atleast need 250 aggregated artists and animators with 300+ Highest config systems running 24/7 to deliver the out. 

Not easy right? You can do this without investing on large infrastructure or making a large hiring process of 300 employees, That would take almost 4-6 month of your timeline. Do you wanna know how? Its by hiring an animation studio to take up your project and deliver on the time. 

But here is the another path blocker you might need to hurdle. The thing is Who can I hire to take up my project? There are millions of fishes in the sea, How to fish out the best out of it. Well follow this article and I will guide you on whom to hire for your animation project.

Most of the project s in the animation do require either just to entertain the users or to create a brand awareness for the products. You might this “ Do Animation video provide brand awareness that converts traffic into customers? Yes they do and one more thing is its completely auto-piloted. Animation videos are now more popular in ecommerce stores, They are acting just like normal TV ads to engage the customer while they visit the product.

Video are now a days being place is everywhere, customers are more engaged towards videos than regular Images and boring text. Videos are being accepted in Facebook, instagram, youtube, Twitter and in any ecommerce websites. Video are more common in Website header banners, landing pages and mobile apps.

While we check with the General steps of an animation project, Most of the process will be set with the general milestone. You might need to review each steps and approve it before proceeding further. Simple right? Let we look into our general steps:

1) Project brief 

When the project starts, ofcourse, you will be in the driver’s seat. You are in the main place where you will need to share the idea and make them to back on the track each time. When the ideas being carried away in wrong path, you have to specify the things and bring them back. Its not like you will need to do micro manage them, but you have to make sure that all key points are covered.

2) Script approval 

Scripts are the backbone of your project, that narrate your audience the right message. You will be either the one who makes script or you can simply leave it to the experienced script writers. Scripts are easy to change at any point and if you don’t like the point or any other conflicts can be easily modified and proceed 

3)Story board

The story board is a more solidified look of your upcoming animations. Its like they are freezed version of your complete story. At this stage, a clear vision should be in presentable format about design of frame and scene of the project 

5) Audio and BGM

Based on the script, Dialogue, narration and music needed to be created to match the video and story. Its true that music and voice determine the pace and tone of your video. Poor quality voice over will cheapen your entire video.

6)Final Delivery 

Once everything is set, it time to create models, giving them textures, rigging them, Developing BG, setting up the scene and animating them. They will be rendered and sent to compositing. By the end of this process you will be have a ready to post videos for youtube, facebook, instagram and many other sites

Cost and factor determining the cost of animation project

To be honest about the pricing, Animation project cost are determined by the work and work force we need to put in it. Costing can be from USD 10 to 10 million per minute. Pixar project Monster Inc. had a heavy render time, each frame it took them 1 day to render and for your calculation each second will have 30 frames. To finish the movie in single computer, The process would have took hundreds of years to render it out. And with this you can understand why it would even cost million dollars just for 1 minute of video.

The factor that affect animation projects are:

  • Story, script, number of characters and concept of animation
  • Duration of the video
  • Resource’s  Skill sets needed for the project 
  • Turnaround time
  • Sound and SFX
  • Delivery file formats such as Blueray or 3D 

Are you looking for a better animation team to run your project in flawless way. Or If you are still confused to on your Animation project, Ping us! Our team are in standby to assist you.

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