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What is the difference between 2D Graphics and 3D Rendering?

3D Graphics Design vs 3D Rendering

    3D is a computer generated image as in short we call it as CGI which needs input resources given before the computer can generate an image/video. The combined process of Modeling, Scanning, Rendering and Printing (Output) is known as 3D graphic design. Compiling animations, lights and matching it with the scenes is called as 3D rendering. Graphic Design has a major part for 3D rendering to visualize the models created. 

3D Graphic Design

    A 3D dimensional image is created using any specific software with calculations, to be exact the 3D image is a formation of points or vertices creating a model or shape with 3D attribute. The models can’t exist on its own being photo realistic image it requires inputs with mathematical calculations to form the bone of the model. 

If we are about to make a cube we will mark vertices on the space, inter link them to get the skeleton of the cube. The bone needs to be textured and let’s say we will be using the cube as a stand. We can add texture depending on color we would like to choose and material type either wooden, spongy or glass is all up to the requirements. The textured model needs to be put in a layout so that it can match up to the temporal description and fit in the space either static or kinetic. 

These process clipped together we get into the next stage “3D Rendering which we will see below”. CGI is time consuming and it is best to have the project done with the supervision of senior resources or to outsource the requirement.

3D Rendering

The completed scenes earlier have to be rendered to depict the 3D image. 3D image rendering does not only make the image look VOLUME but it has its trajectory angles and lighting. Rendering includes the simulation of realistic features of lighting, shadows, atmosphere, color, texture, optical and motion effects or simply a cartoonic or abstract image.

Rendering is a time charging process in CGI since the output calculates and renders every single pixel in the image for every single trajectory of light. Every single frame getting rendered would take hours even for a super computer. I used to wonder how many hours or weeks or months would the movie like Frozen, Tinkerbell taken for the beautiful animation. 

Remember 3D movies are different from the 3D graphic animation. 3D movies have an illusion for depth using special glasses whereas 3D animation has 3Dimensional structural models when they are made.

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