2D Design Explainer videos

Process in Production of Explainer Videos

Animated Explainer Videos are generally considered to be very simple process of production by people. They all forget the simplest the explainer video the higher the backend process is involved. Creating one explainer video is not just time consuming but it has different stages of production from basic brainstorming to final rendering of the 3d video. To help people understand the stages of the production of an explainer video kindly go through the below steps. 

Every video created has an content and a quality content is what every company focuses on showing it to the people. Those important parameters are below.

For a Productive Explainer video Output,

  • A simple expressive message with screenplay graphic ideas 
  • Voice over for the story.
  • Studio Made Audio Effects. 
  • Common characters

The Video Marketing Service are expensive since they need highly qualified experts for the entire process of making.

Visual promotions are easy to reach and when it is a video promotion people would even keep watching it when they feel it is good enough for their time. Keep reading since the topic has been elaborated for your understanding.

Jotting down brainstorming 

Every ideas can’t be put into execution without a brief of “to do, how to, what to, when to” list. The team of experts have to go through the possible and most feasible storyline for production and delivering to the clients/end users. 

Our Explainer video must note down the very simple fact of what vocabulary to be put in based on the age of end viewers. Broadcasting videos on any media without considering Psychological and geographical advantage would end up to be a complete disaster for the 3d explainer video.

The hour for brainstorming comes with a path of creating contents with min-max advantage of characters to design, the character of Voice over to be added, the nature of music to be produced for the video and delivering the 3D video to the viewers without any discrimination to avoid alienism. 

Branding with script

The key player for every video is the script. Explainer video without a script might end up as a muted comical play, only a part of the message will be understood by the viewer. The script should be put up as it boosts value to the brand we are branding with the Explainer video. 

The Colours used in the animation video should have a unique choice for remembrance by the viewer redirecting them to imagine the company and its products on seeing the colour and the character used. Now just the skeleton of the screenplay has been set and to add strong flavour of our branding we need to make sure the words add a strong value to the content.

On Average every commercial Explainer Video has average of 40-45words per 15seconds. Choice of words for this time period must be chosen with caution so that we add value to the visual along with the words.

The scripting has always been the backbone of the explainer video, a small error in the scripting could end up in disaster to it.

Animation phase

Every part of the Explanation video process requires the footprints of the brainstorming outputs, the character design which was fixed and colours planned to create them will be done as a 3D model before we actually enter into the style and motion phase. A small list below will enlighten the different process we can choose from.

  1. Whiteboard animation
  2. Graphic animation
  3. Silhouette animation
  4. 3D animation
  5. Typography animation
  6. Motion graphic animation
  7. Stop motion animation

and many more to choose from as per the geographical constraints. Remembering the constraints the character should have a persona that can have a positive impact in the audience. Branding comes with the character and colour choices we strongly make.

For example whiteboard animation can be used for stories during a session whereas Graphic animation for the kids and 3D or Motion graphic for the adults. Choosing the need of animation along with the character is much more important than a choice.

Every animator will expect an influential sequence of ideas from client/creative head to add life to the character he creates for the client. Every single detail of the animation part has to be ensured so that it doesn’t miss any expected part of the animation. Every mistake costs time since it’s not a redo process it’s a rework process. 

Storyboard Making

Storyboard helps us get our script to life through scene by scene narrations. It includes every details of what and where to be done on motion, angles, transitions, lights, audio effects, animation effects and not just that it is even includes the voice over scenes. 

In other words it can be called as a master plan or a miniature of the explainer video. 

This discussion is the last step before we enter into actual processing of the inputs we have, it will be good if the client approves seeing all the inputs for explainer video.

Sound Recording

Sound recording can be divided into two different factors such as Voice & Music. Voices for the character or content is a direct recording over footage. Famous voices over artists are available for the project based on the company’s spending scale for the video. At times the company has a brand ambassador and whose voice can be recorded as per the story board for the explainer video. 

This voice over is one of the simplest task the company and client will decide in the entire explainer video process.

Music is essential to feel the depth of the explainer video. It has to be created for emotions, movements and angles depending on the footage developed during animation process. The main work is to add sound effects of every environment and for every moment this is a work done by a sound engineer along with a music composer. The budget can vary based on the people we hire for the project. 


Life is very important in every explainer video, animation adds life by making it expressive for the message. We are about to start the most crucial part of the explainer video “The Animation”. This step involves creating, adding motions to all the individual elements created earlier during story board. 

This is a time consuming task for any company since the quality of the video is defined on the quality of time consumed.

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