2D Design Explainer videos


2D animation were initially created by paper pen sketches which when played at a higher frame rate created a motion video. This formed the basic platform for the innovation of 2D animation in a digital video format. Then on 2D animation has taken the animation and creativity world to a higher platform. Now digital 2D animation is accessible by anyone around the world and could have an hands on experience which when liked can be learnt with full interest can be turned into their income generating profession. Now everything as turned into visual pictures from theoretical words. People understand information told via visual images than words and so 2D animation plays a major role in educating and making people understand things easily even if it is something very difficult to understand by words. The most basic software for creation of 2D animations are easily accessible for a large number of people as their need as reached every corner of the world. The first basic tool to create a 2D animation video is a computer system to process the file and render the final output at a faster rate with good precision. As the animation works takes a lot time to give a good and required output and so in order to withstand the heavy load, the computer system that the software works should atleast meet the basic requirement of the software. Few of those basic tools (software)  used to make a basic 2D animation videos are:

Adobe After Effects

Adobe has always been a one to go brand for all creativity and multimedia production requirement place for everyone who always wanted to bring in their imagination to picture. After Effects being the most used software for 2D animation video creation as it is easy to understand by anyone and is usable even with minimum knowledge and a system configuration. After Effects when understood with a good knowledge and great interest, can even do high works and real time projects such as large scale videos that are used in films and for educational purposes too.


It is another software which is being used in a wide spread scale across the world. This software is mostly used in creating a larger project file as it has lot of options that can be used to create animations and videos at a faster rate. 

 For some, finding an online animation service is a good option. These type of video animation services provide you with templates and pre-made characters which cuts the work for you when it comes to designing your animation. You just have to mix and match characters with templates and other figures. Some on top of the list are Powtoon, GoAnimate, Moovly and Animaker. But one factor that you’ll have to deal with this type of service is that you can never own one animation unique to you because others may also use the same template or characters that you have used. A better way to have an animated video is by having a video animation marketplace that can connect you to top video animation companies to have your own unique animation.

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